• Automatic Decanter Helps SBR Performance
  • Automatic Decanter Helps SBR Performance
Automatic Decanter Helps SBR Performance

Automatic Decanter Helps SBR Performance


Plaats van herkomst: China
Merknaam: CHENENG
Certificering: CE/ISO
Modelnummer: CMRD

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Min. bestelaantal: 1pcs
Prijs: negotiation
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Levertijd: 30 ontvingen de werkdagen na uw betaling
Betalingscondities: L / C, T / T
Levering vermogen: 15PCS per maand
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Gedetailleerde informatie

Naam van het product: SBR-karaf Toepassing: waterbehandeling
Materiaal: SS standaard: ISO
Capaciteit: 1003000m ³ /h Structuur: Compacte verbinding
Hoog licht:

sequence batch reactor


sbr sequencing batch reactor


Automatic Decanter Helps SBR Performance

SBR decanter

Cheneng FCP decanter is a key equipment for SBR process, in SBR process continuous inflow and treatment is accommodated through alternating react, settle,and decant sequences in SBR trains. Each train, through a typically operating cycle of three to five hours, provides all of the processes of activated sludge treatment in one basin.


Advantages of SBR

Enhanced Treatment Performance

Superior sludge settling performance due to bio-selector and aerobic/anoxic/anaerobic cyclic sequences

Suppress filamentous bacteria thus lower potential for sludge bulking

Enhanced nutrient removal (Denitrification and Bio-P) without chemicals or separate tanks

Built-in equalization capacity preventing performance deterioration during surge conditions


Smaller Footprint and Lower Construction Cost

Equalization, biological treatment, and clarification achieved in one tank

No external return sludge pumping system

Rectangular tanks with common-wall design

Simple process, fast construction and installation



Duration of cycle or sequences can be adjusted to accommodate variation in hydraulic flow or biological loading, e.g. shorter cycle for peak flow conditions or shorter aeration time for lower loading

Easy expansion with single rectangular tank design

Automatic control system provides easy and flexible adjustment to operational parameters


Low Operation and Maintenance Cost

Better aeration control, denitrification, and lower power consumption

Less and simpler equipment, thus reduced maintenance

Automatic control adapting to changing conditions with less operator attention

Biological N and P removal without need for chemicals



Model Treatment flow(m³/h) Decant depth(m) Effluent weir length(m) Effluent pipe diameter(mm) Drive power(kw)
CMRD100 100 1~3 1 200 0.37
CMRD200 200   2 300 0.37
CMRD300 300   2.7 350 0.37
CMRD400 400   3.5 400 0.37
CMRD500 500   4.2 500 0.37
CMRD600 600   5.2 500 0.55
CMRD800 800   7 600 0.55
CMRD1000 1000   8.2 600 1.1
CMRD1250 1250   10 700 1.1
CMRD1500 1500   12 600(double outlet) 1.1
CMRD1750 1750   14.5 600(double outlet) 1.1
CMRD2000 2000   16 700(double outlet) 1.1
CMRD2500 2500   20 700(double outlet) 1.1
CMRD3000 3000   24 800(double outlet) 1.5


Automatic Decanter Helps SBR Performance 0

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